Generating and editing a Travel Book, a step-by-step guide

Not sure what a Travel Book is? Please read A Travel Book, what's that? before you continue.

Now, let's get you started with creating your personal Travel Book that not only looks pretty fly but also holds your routes, stories, travel statistics, and of course, all of your favorite travel photos. 

This step-by-step guide will help you to place your order.

Check your trip contents 

Because we want your Travel Book to look perfect, we'd like to ask you to double-check all the content in your trip. Here's a list of things to check before you're really ready to hit the 'Preview & order' button.

  • Are you happy with the trip title and cover photo? If you want to change them then check out how to do that in this article: Change the layout of your Travel Book.
  • Are the trip's start and end date correct?
  • Please check all your steps for typos.
  • Make sure you didn't accidentally add any duplicate photos.
  • Is the route to your liking? In case there are inaccurate Travel Tracker (flight) lines, check out this article: How can I delete (inaccurate) Travel Tracker steps on my map?
  • Sweet. Now hit the ''Preview and order'' button!
Flick through your Travel Book preview 

Let's flick through your freshly created Travel Book together and double-check if everything is to your liking. Please take a moment to check the list below.

  • Are there still low-quality photos in the Travel Book? If the ⚠️ icon appears on a photo, this means that you have some work to do. Check out this article for quick steps on how to fix this.
  • Please see if the measurements on a step page of your Travel Book are correct. For altitude, we'll let you choose between meters or feet, and for the temperature, you can select Fahrenheit or Celsius. You can find the option to change this in your app Settings screen.
  • Want additional options? Tap the blue button that says "Edit Travel Book" to have control over the following extra functionalities:
    • De-select steps or photos.
    • Add more pages to your Travel Book.
    • Remove pages from your Travel Book.
    • Do you want more or fewer photos on one page? You can easily drag and drop photos for a different page layout.
    • You can rearrange the order of photos on the pages by dragging and dropping them.
    • Change the book title and/or author name.
    • Choose a different color for the Travel Book.
    • Click the Save & Generate button for the options to take effect.
  • If there is anything that you're not sure of or that seems to be missing, please contact before placing your order. Placing your order means that you're happy with what you see :-).
  • You're almost done! Please continue and hit the "Checkout" button.

Too many photos in your Travel Book?

Please deselect some steps and or photos to stay under the maximum amount of 400 pages and generate your book again to proceed. You can also try to fit your whole trip into one Travel Book by placing a maximum of 4 photos on every page and by deselecting the step text. 

Order your Travel Book

Let's run over your freshly created Travel Book together once more and triple check if everything is to your liking. Please take a moment to check the list below.

  • You now see the Summary page. Is everything correct? That's great. Now you can enter the discount code HAPPY10 to get €10 off your Travel Book. If you have received a higher discount code (lucky!), please tap the "edit" button to enter your personal discount code. 
  • On the next screen, you can order multiple copies of your Travel Book. We offer a 10% additional discount (on the full amount, excluding the discount code) when you order 2 books. For 3 Travel Books or more you'll receive a 15% additional discount. 
  • Enter your address details.
  • Please agree with your filled-in details and of course the terms and conditions.
  • After you've made the payment, you're all set! You should receive a confirmation email shortly. If you don't (and it's not in your spam folder) please reach out to us at
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