What is a Travel Book?

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    What is a Travel Book?

    A Travel Book is a high-quality premium photo album that is automatically generated by us based on your Polarsteps trip. It's kinda unique because you don't have to spend hours building your own photo album. Besides your awesome pictures, it also holds all your routes, travel statistics, and stories. 

    What will a Travel Book of my trip look like and how can I order one?

    Did you travel and add 5 or more photos to your Polarsteps trip? If yes, then you will be able to generate and order a Travel Book. If you want to generate, preview and even edit a Travel Book then please follow these steps:

    Generate your Travel Book by tapping "My Travel Books" in your Polarsteps app Settings screen. You can also visit  https://www.polarsteps.com/travel-book on your laptop or desktop computer to check out the preview of your Travel Book.
    Select the trip you want us to auto-generate a Travel Book for you and then tap "Preview & order." Your Travel Book will be ready in a matter of minutes as we auto-magically arrange stats, your photos, and Step text for you. 
    Preview by using the magnifying glass icon to zoom in and then using the forward and backward arrows to page through the Travel Book.

    You can even edit the auto-generated Travel Book before ordering it by tapping on the '' Edit Travel Book'' button. There you can rearrange or remove photos, and you can even toggle on/off entire sections of your book. By default, all sections are toggled on. 
    Under the "Edit Travel Book" tab you can change your book cover photo and title, choose a theme color, and even toggle on/off Step text.
    To change any Step text in the book you will have to edit the text in Step in the trip itself.

    Order step-by-step

    Want to create and order a Travel Book but want to follow a step-by-step guide? Please check the  following article

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