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Getting started with Polarsteps

New on the app? Read here everything about how you add and edit trips, and more..

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Guiding you through our Guides

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Making changes to your trip

Creating and editing your trips, adding text and photos.

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Travel Tracker

All information on the travel tracker, inaccurate (flight) lines, and more..

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GPS, data, & battery usage

Details about tracking, roaming, data upload, devices, and battery usage.

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Share your travels

Everything about how to share your travels with your loved ones.

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Follow your friends

How to follow someone and how to get updates on trips.

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Export & import data

Info on exporting and importing your trips and photos.

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Your account & privacy

All you need to know about your account and your privacy settings.

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Problems & errors

The most frequent problems and what to do about them.

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Polarsteps Research Community

Got opinions on the Polarsteps experience? Help us shape what comes next!

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Travel Books

Gift Cards

14 articles

Generate your Travel Book

Everything you need to know about how to create your first Travel Book

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Edit your Travel Book

Generating your Travel Book and options you have for editing.

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Pricing & Payment Options

Details about album pricing and payment options.

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Shipping & Returns

Info on shipment, waiting times and return policy.

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Errors & Problems

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Video Tutorials

Travel Books

Video demonstrations about how to generate your Travel Book and customize your layout

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Tracking with Polarsteps

Video demonstrations about using the Polarsteps app: create a trip, track, and more!

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