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Getting started with Polarsteps

New on the app? Read here everything about how you add and edit trips, and more..

11 articles

Making changes to your trip

Creating and editing your trips, adding text and photos.

10 articles

Travel Tracker

All information on the travel tracker, inaccurate (flight) lines, and more..

9 articles

GPS, data, & battery usage

Details about tracking, roaming, data upload, devices, and battery usage.

7 articles

Share your travels

Everything about how to share your travels with your loved ones.

6 articles

Follow your friends

How to follow someone and how to get updates on trips.

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Guiding you through our Guides

6 articles

Export & import data

Info on exporting and importing your trips and photos.

5 articles

Your account & privacy

All you need to know about your account and your privacy settings.

10 articles

Problems & errors

The most frequent problems and what to do about them.

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Polarsteps Research Community

Got opinions on the Polarsteps experience? Help us shape what comes next!

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Travel Books

Generate your Travel Book

Everything you need to know about how to create your first Travel Book

7 articles

Edit your Travel Book

Generating your Travel Book and options you have for editing.

17 articles

Pricing & Payment Options

Details about album pricing and payment options.

6 articles

Gift Cards

Info about creating and using a Travel Book Gift Card

14 articles

Shipping & Returns

Info on shipment, waiting times and return policy.

6 articles

Errors & problems

The most frequent problems and what to do about them.

3 articles

Video Tutorials

Travel Books

Video demonstrations about how to generate your Travel Book and customize your layout

13 articles

Tracking with Polarsteps

Video demonstrations about using the Polarsteps app: create a trip, track, and more!

4 articles