My trip is too big for 1 Travel Book. Can I split the trip into multiple books?

Yes! When editing your Travel Book, you have the option to deselect not only individual pictures but also whole steps! So if you, for example, have 100 steps in your trip, you can create two books of 50 steps. 

You can deselect a step by clicking on the blue switch on the right side next to the step name when editing your book.

A step-by-step guide to creating multiple books of 1 trip

  1. Generate a preview of your Travel Book (just getting started? Let's get you up to speed here).
  2. In the "Edit Travel Book" screen de-select the last half of your steps when you for example wish to order two books of one trip. 
  3. Use the "Calculate number of pages" option below to see if your steps fit in your first Travel Book (max 298 pages).
  4. Once you have deselected half of your steps and the number of pages is below 298 just tap on the 'Save & Generate' red button to save your Travel Book.

Congrats! You have now successfully divided and saved the first Travel Book of your trip. Go ahead and check out your Travel Book preview. Want to further customize it?

  1. Hit the "Edit Travel Book" button and enter the Travel Book editor screen and adjust the position of your photos.
  2. Hit the 'Book Settings' tab to adjust your Book title to one that explains your series. For example Thailand 2018 part I.
  3. You can also change the "Book author" here alongside other options.
  4. Tap ''Save & Generate'' to see what your new Travel Book looks like
  5. Continue the order process. 

IMPORTANT: It might take up to 24 hours before your order is processed. Please do not make any changes in this trip or your user settings for the next 24 hours.

Over 3000 photos in your trip?

Our Travel Book generator does not support this. Please reduce the number of photos in your trip to be able to order a Travel Book.