How do I create my first trip?

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How to create a new trip

Mobile App
In the top right corner of the app, there is a + sign. Just tap on it and you are good to go! 

Very simple! On the left side of your profile page, there is a button ' Add a past, current or future trip'. Just click on it to add a trip.

To complete adding a new trip you have to..

  1. Add a 'Trip name'.
  2. Select a start date for your trip.
  3. Select an end date for your trip. Don't know your end date yet? No worries! You can also select 'I don't know yet'.
  4. Enable the Travel Tracker if you want Polarsteps to automatically track your trip.
  5. Select the privacy level of the trip. More information about the different privacy levels and what this means? Click here

Does Polarsteps automatically Start to track my trip?

Polarsteps does not automatically start to track your trip once you've installed the app. You first have to enable the Travel Tracker. Click here to learn more about how the Travel Tracker works and what options there are for tracking your trip. 

How do I add text and/or photos to my trip? 

You can manually add text and photos to your trip by adding steps to your trip. Steps are basically the locations you've visited and added to your trip. You can choose to add photos, text, and spots & activities to a step. A step in your trip functions as a recollection of a certain location with your personal experience in it.

There are three ways you can add a step to your trip:

  1. Click on the big shiny + sign on your timeline that suggests 'Your current location' as a step
  2. Add a previously visited location (where you have been before the current/latest location) by clicking on the smaller + sign
  3. Go to your map within your trip and click on the glowing step. A pop-up appears, click on the + sign on the right of this

In the Edit step-mode, you'll find a square photo button that allows you to add photos to the step. If you want to add text simply scroll down a bit and start typing in the text field. 

Can I edit the settings of my trip, such as the start- and end date?

Sure you can! When you create a new trip you have to choose a start- and an end date of your trip. The start date can be today, somewhere in the past, or somewhere in the future.

Don't know the end date of your trip yet? Then choose '' I don't know yet''. 

You can change and set the start- and end date of your trip at any time (even after the trip has already ended). Simply go to your trip Settings and select the correct dates. More about ending your trip via this link.

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