What are steps and how do I add or edit them?

If you want to pin locations on your trip and add text and photos to it, you have to add so-called 'steps' to your trip.

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What are steps?

Steps are basically the locations you've visited and added to your trip. You can choose to add photos, text, and spots & activities to a step. A step in your trip functions as a recollection of a certain location with your personal experience in it. Steps can only be created within a trip. Steps can also be shared with your loved ones at home.  Check this article on how to do this.

Polarsteps automatically tracks your whereabouts after you've enabled the Travel Tracker of your trip. If you want to add text and photos to your trip you have to add them to your Steps. Your followers can comment on your Steps. 

How do I add steps?

There are three ways you can add a step to your trip:

  1. Click on the big shiny + sign on your timeline that suggests 'Your current location' as a step
  2. Add a previously visited location (where you have been before the current/latest location) by clicking on the smaller + sign
  3. Go to your map within your trip and click on the glowing step. A pop-up appears, click on the + sign on the right of this

Can I make changes to a step / can I edit a step after publishing it?

Of course. If you want to make changes to a step, e.g. location, time, or adding extra photos, then..

  • ..click on the "Edit step" button that has a tiny pen icon. This can be found at the bottom of each step on your timeline. 

How can I delete a step?

  1. Go to the step you want to delete
  2. Hit the Edit step button
  3. Scroll down and click ''Delete step''
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