I don't see an End-trip-button. How can I end my trip?

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How can I end my trip?

There is no 'End trip button' on Polarsteps, so you can stop looking for it now ;-). If you want to end your trip you can do this in the settings or options of your trip in the following way:

End a trip on the Mobile App

  1. Go to your Trip 
  2. Then to the "Options" or ''Trip Settings'' tab 
  3. You can find the "Finish trip (set end-date)" function here. 

End a trip on the Website

  1. Go to your Trip 
  2. Then to the "Trip Settings" screen 
  3. Set the desired end date here for the trip to be finished.

Can I set start time and /or end time for my trip?

At this moment it is not possible to set a start- or end time for your trip. You can only set a start date and an end date for your trip, not the exact time. Exact times can be set for Steps though. But seriously, who looks at the time when on holiday anyway? 

Side note: the trip finishes at midnight on the day you set, so the trip and tracking goes on that whole last day. Your next trip can start on the next day the soonest, trip dates cannot overlap.

HANDY HACK: If you arrive back home long before midnight then disable the Travel Tracker of your trip. In that way, the Travel Tracker will not track your moves the rest of the day. That will look a lot nicer on your map!

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