Who can see my trips? A quick explanation about your trip's privacy level

When you add a trip you can set the trip's privacy level. The privacy level of your trip determines who can and who can't see your trips. There are 3 privacy levels to choose from:

  • Public
    • Share the beauty of the world! Your trip is visible to everyone. This means that people who don't have an account on Polarsteps or don't follow your profile can also see your trips. Don’t forget to share responsibly, as it may include your location.

      NOTE: When your account is set as a ''Private account'' but the privacy level of your trip is ''Public'',  everyone can still see this trip. Click here to learn more about a Private account. 
  • My followers
    • Only people that are your follower on Polarsteps will be able to see your trip. Read here when someone is a follower.

      Learn more about sharing your trip with people who don't have an account on Polarsteps in this article.

      TIP: If you want to approve people before they can follow you (and with that see your trips), you can set your account type to "Private account" in the general settings menu of the app.
  • Only me
    • This means that your trip, including all details like your current location, photos, and steps, is only visible to you. 
Note on privacy: Polarsteps never upload any of your photos to our servers until you explicitly add them to a step. More info:  Is data stored on my phone or on a server?