How do I add photos to my trip?

A Travel Tracker line is cool, but we understand your family and friends want to see some proof of your outrageous stories. Therefore we've made it easy for you to add photos to Steps in your trip.  

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How can I add photos to a Step in my trip?

  1. Open your trip
  2. Open the Step you want to add photos to (or add a new Step
  3. Tap the ''Edit Step'' button
  4. Tap the Camera icon or "Add your best photos" link
  5. From Select Photos choose from "Suggestions," "Your Library" or "More," et voilĂ ! (or tap the square Camera button to take a photo)

How can I change the order of my photos?

  1. Open your trip
  2. Open the Step you want to add photos to (or add a new Step)
  3. Tap the ''Edit Step'' button
  4. Here you can drag and drop photos in any order you like. 

NOTE: The photos in your Travel Book are placed in the exact same order as you've placed them in your Steps. If you want to change the order of the photos in your Travel Book, you have to change the order of the photos in your Steps. Once your Steps are synchronized, these changes will also show in the Travel Book.

Are the photos on my phone automatically added to my trip and Steps?

Nope, your photos aren't automatically added to your trip and Steps. You have to do this manually. When you add photos to your Step you can choose to take a photo and add it to your Step directly, choose photos from your phone's photo library.

Can I upload photos from my camera to my trip?

Sure you can! You can also edit your trips from our webpage. So if you want to import photos from your camera that are on your computer, simply login to your account via our webpage. 

Experience synchronization issues after logging in on our webpage? Make sure you read this article about the use of Polarsteps on multiple devices

Can I add a caption to my photos?

Nope, you can't! It is possible though to add a description of your photos in the Step text. Want to know more about Step text? Click here to read all about it.

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