What is a Trip owner, Travel buddy, and Trip group?

What is a Trip owner?

A Trip owner is the person who created a shared trip. For every Travel Together trip, there is only one Trip owner.

As a Trip owner you have several options for editing a trip that your Travel buddies don’t have. These options include changing the start and end date of the trip, changing the trip's privacy level, adding and removing Travel buddies from the trip, plus deleting the trip.

Please know that it is not possible to change the Trip owner after creating a new trip.

What is a Travel buddy?

When a Trip owner decides to invite others to join them on a Travel Together trip, these fellow travellers are also known as Travel buddies. Travel buddies can collaborate on a trip by creating, editing, and removing steps, and everyone can add photos and videos, write step texts, and take control of the Travel Tracker. Travel buddies can also change a trip name, summary, and cover photo.

What is a Trip group?

A Trip group is a group of Polarsteps users that are added to a Travel Together trip.

You, your Travel buddies, and everyone who is following the trip will see your Trip group.

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