How to edit text with Travel Together

With Travel Together, you and your Travel buddies collaborate whichever way you want! Do you have a poet amongst you who'll take care of all the writing? Or does your whole group want to add their own journal entries? It's all possible!

We recommend choosing one person in your group who will create a new step, to avoid people in the Trip group adding double steps for the same location. After writing the text, they can publish it and wait for their device to synchronize.

After syncing, every member of your Trip group can access the ‘edit step’ menu for all steps in the trip to add their text.

Good to know: We recommend that only one person edits the step text at a time. When they connect to the internet and synchronize the step text, their text is saved on our servers and will be visible to everyone once they have synchronized the app too.

However, if you are editing a step with multiple people at once, please keep the following things in mind about synchronization:

  1. When writing step text in the app or on our website, you will not see changes made by your Travel buddies in real time.
  2. If two or more people are editing the step text and save around the same time, the last version to be saved is used and will overwrite the previous version.
  3. If you have saved and synchronized the step text, but your Travel buddy is still editing it, they should see a the popup below and have the option to decide which version of the text to save:
    • "Another user has just updated this step. Do you want to use the text written by the other user, or do you want to continue editing your own text (this will delete the text written by the other user)."

Uploading photos and videos at the same time is a little more straight-forward. You can find out more here: How to add photos & videos with Travel Together

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