How to add photos and videos with Travel Together

No more sending photos and videos over Whatsapp or through the cloud! Simply create a Travel Together trip, invite your travel companions, and everyone can upload your shared memories straight from their own device.

Adding photos and videos to a Travel Together trip is almost the same as for a regular trip. We recommend choosing one person in your group who will create a new step, to avoid people in the Trip group adding double steps for the same location. This person can add their photos and videos, publish the step, and wait for their device to synchronize.

When the you and your Travel buddies synchronize your devices (everyone can speed this up individually by going to the main settings menu and tapping ‘Sync now’), you will see the new step appear in the trip. When opening the step, you can tap 'Edit step' and start uploading your travel memories next to the ones already there. Don't forget to tap the 'Save' button when you're ready.

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Good to know: Everyone in the Trip group can add, but also remove photos and videos from a trip. To remove a photo or video, open the step edit menu and tap the small x button for the item you wish to delete.

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