I’m invited to a Travel Together trip. How is this different from tracking my own trip?

When you are invited to join someone’s trip, you will become a Travel buddy. This means you can both track the same trip and collaborate on creating beautiful steps. Everyone in a Trip group can add photos & videos and write about your experiences. Only one person in the group can enable the Travel Tracker on their device to automatically collect the locations of your route. Sharing the work means that you will all have more time to enjoy your adventures!

Please do know that as a Travel buddy, there are a few things that only the Trip owner can do. These include changing the start and end date of a trip, changing the privacy level of the trip, removing Travel buddies from a trip, deleting the trip, and creating a Travel Book at the end of the trip.

In case the Trip owner decides to delete their Polarsteps account, the Travel Together trip will be removed for everyone.

If you do not want to join a Travel Together trip, you can decline the invite immediately, or do so by opening it again through the ‘Notifications’ tab.

If you have already joined a Travel Together trip, but want to leave, you can do so in the trip settings any time.

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