How do I share my trip with family and friends?

Sharing your trips with friends and family is very easy. Just follow these steps:

Mobile App

  1. Open the trip you wish to share
  2. Go to "Options" OR
  3. Click on "Invite your family and friends"


  1. Open the trip you wish to share
  2. Hit the "Share'' button that is shown on top of your trip

From there you can choose to share your travel through WhatsApp, email or just copy the secret link of your trip. 

Is my trip only visible to the people I share the link with?

Anyone who has the secret link to your trip can view your trip. Even when your trip settings are set to ''Followers only.'' 

This means that when an excited aunt or funny friend shares this link with others, those others can also view your trip. Therefore we recommend you that you always be thoughtful about who you share your trip link with. If you really don't want for your trip link to be shared with people you haven't selected yourself, then maybe ask the people you share the link with not to share it with others.

The only way to make your trip invisible for people who already have your trip's secret link is to change the trip's privacy setting to ''Only me.'' But then no one can see your beautiful travels. :-/ 

Do my family and friends need a Polarsteps account to follow me?

Nope! They can follow your adventures without having to install the app and without a Polarsteps account as well. Click here to learn more about this. 

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