What is a follower and can anyone become my follower?

When you check out your profile you see ''Following'' and ''Followers''. Here some information on what followers are.

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  • What is a follower?
  • Can anyone just become my follower?
  • What is a follower?

    A follower on your Polarsteps account is someone who:

    1. Has a Polarsteps account
    2. Has hit the ''Follow'' button on your profile. (If you have an account that's only visible to your followers, you first have to accept this follow request)

      You can see who follows you on Polarsteps by hitting the ''Followers'' button that shows on your profile.

    Can anyone just become my follower?

    When your account settings are public any Polarsteps user can become your follower.

    When you have a '' Private account'' you first have to accept a follow request before someone becomes a follower. In that way you can decide for yourself who can your trips and who doesn't.