Does Polarsteps work offline?

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Does Polarsteps track my trip without internet?

Polarsteps will track your route even when you’re not connected to the internet, just make sure your phone is not on airplane mode and you're good to go!

Can I edit my trip without having an internet connection?

You can edit your trips and steps, add a photo to steps, and write extensive texts without having an internet connection. Whenever you connect to a WiFi or 3/4G network again, all your trip data will be automatically synchronized. 

Side note: Due to Apple limitations, the iPhone app will only synchronize your data when the app is opened and your screen is unlocked. For tracking your trip you do not need to keep the app open.

Can I add spots & activities while offline?

No, since we rely on data that is only accessible online you have to connect to the internet in order to add spots & activities. Previously added spots & activities within your own trip can be seen while offline though. They just can't be edited offline.

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