What data do you store?

Data is a sensitive thing, and that’s why it's so important for you to know that we don't upload or store anything without your permission. 
In fact, we only store what you have actively published to the app — even draft steps aren’t stored on our servers (these are saved locally on your device).
Finally, when you see suggested steps or photos pop up, rest assured that none of these are uploaded to our servers until you explicitly confirm that you want them there.
Let’s take a look at these different scenarios in a little more detail...
Draft steps
A draft step is only saved locally on your mobile device — perfect for when you’re running late for your next adventure and want to finish your story later. However, it does mean that if you log out of the app, you will lose those draft steps.
Published step
Even once you hit publish, the contents of that step is only saved to our servers once the app is successfully synchronized. 
Note: We advise you to regularly publish your steps and synchronize your app to prevent data loss.
How can I perform a synchronization? 
Simply go into your settings in the app and press the "Sync now" button. The app will now start to synchronize — you’ll know it’s complete when you see a green bar pop up that says ''Synchronization successful”.
What if the synchronization does not complete?
If the synchronization doesn’t complete then your device probably has an unstable WiFi connection. Please try again once you have a stronger connection.
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