How do I remove a Travel buddy from a trip?

When you create a Travel Together trip you can add Travel buddies, but also remove them. If you are not the Trip owner, you cannot remove people from the trip. Please ask the Trip owner to help.

If you want to remove a buddy while creating a Travel Together trip:

  1. Tap on the three dots next to a buddy’s name to open the menu
  2. Tap ‘Remove Travel buddy’

If you remove a Travel buddy before creating the trip, no invites will be sent.

If the trip has already started, to remove a buddy as a Trip owner:

  1. Open your trip settings
  2. Go to the ‘Travel buddies’ section
  3. Find the person you wish to remove from the trip
  4. Tap the three dots next to their name and tap remove. You will see an alert ‘Are you sure?’
  5. Tap ‘Remove’

Removing a Travel buddy from a shared trip will mean that the trip is no longer visible in their profile. We recommend checking with your Travel buddy if they are aware of this and if they agree.

Please note: Adding and removing Travel buddies is not available on our website, only when using the Polarsteps app.

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