How can I remove an inaccurate flight line?

In some cases random flight lines show up on your map. Always make sure you have enabled the optimal settings for the Travel Tracker to avoid these lines from popping up. Read more about how to via the following link: My Travel Tracker doesn't track or is inaccurate. What's wrong?

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How can I remove a flight line?

Inaccurate flight lines can still show up even when your  Travel Tracker settings are optimal. This might be due to the fact that something is wrong with the time and dates between two Steps. There are two ways of how to delete flight lines:

If you want to remove a flight line, follow the following steps (this works the same as deleting inaccurate Travel Tracker Steps):

  1. Zoom in on the map an search for the small white dot at the end of the flight line
  2. Click on the small white dot
  3. You now have the option to delete this Travel Tracker Step. The flight line will disappear. 

If the time between two Steps is too short, flight lines can also appear. So you could try to make the time between two Steps longer.

  1. Go to ''Edit Step''
  2. Change the time between the two Steps in between which a flight line is shown. 

Can I change a flight line into a solid line?

You can't change the transportation mode. But with this small hack you can still change a flight line into a solid line:

  • When there is a flight line between Step A and Step B, you can create one or two manual Steps somewhere on the route you took between Step A and Step B (the route that is now connected with a flight line). 
  • When you place these steps somewhere on 1/3 and 2/3 of the route, they will connect Step A and Step B with a solid line. 

For more questions about flight lines,  make sure you check out this article.

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