What's up with the flight lines?

If you fly you will probably see that the app drew a flight line on your map. In some cases, flight lines randomly show up on your map. No worries. You can fix those yourself!

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How are flight lines determined?

We create a flight line when the distance between two steps is at least 200km, with an average speed above 100km/h. When the distance between the two steps is greater than 1500km, we also create a flight line without taking your average speed into account.

I see a flight line, but I never took a flight. What happened?

Polarsteps determines your location based on using the GPS, WiFi, and cellular tower signals that your phone provides. Sometimes your phone fails in giving us a correct location. This happens especially on older Android devices and low-end (cheaper) Android devices, as they tend to have lower-quality GPS technology. In these cases, Polarsteps receives a combination of incorrect locations that meet the criteria above and thus could result in a flight line being shown. 

You can find more information about how to improve the accuracy of tracking in this article:  My Travel Tracker doesn't track or is inaccurate. What's wrong?

How can I remove a flight line?

If you want a flight line to disappear, follow the following steps (this works the same as  deleting inaccurate Travel Tracker Steps):

  1. Zoom in on the map an search for the small white dot at the end of the flight line
  2. Click on the small white dot
  3. You now have the option to delete this Travel Tracker Step. The flight line will disappear. 

Can I change a flight line into a solid line?

You can't change the transportation mode. But with this small hack you can still change a flight line into a solid line:

  • When there is a flight line between Step A and Step B, you can create one or two manual Steps somewhere on the route you took between Step A and Step B (the route that is now connected with a flight line). 
  • When you place these steps somewhere on 1/3 and 2/3 of the route, they will connect Step A and Step B with a solid line. 
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