How can I reduce the size of the app?

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Tips on reducing the size of your app

If you want to reduce the size of your app, the best way is to make sure all your high-resolution photos are uploaded to our servers. You can easily see the progress of this in the "High-resolution photo upload'' section of the Settings menu. 

If this upload is not completed, make sure you synchronize the app (preferably on a stable and fast WiFi connection) by going into your settings in the app and clicking the "Sync now" button. A bar will pop up at the bottom of your screen that will show the synchronization status. 

How and why does my app get bigger in size?

Your app size can get bigger due to a few different things. It might be that your high-resolution photos haven't all been synced yet or that you have been browsing a lot of trips of other Polarsteps users. Here's a summary of the types of data that use space on your phone:

  1. The app itself (around 60 MB)
  2. Cached photos (up to 250 MB). Cached photos are needed to make sure the app also works offline. This is a combination of cached photos of your own trip(s) and the photos you've seen of other Polarsteps
  3. And high-resolution photos that are not yet uploaded to our servers (up to several GB if you haven't had a good internet connection for a long time, see below). High-resolution photos are stored on your phone until they are successfully uploaded to our servers.
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