Does Polarsteps work at sea?

Aye sailor! That's a very good question. 

Polarsteps at sea for iOS users

At the moment, Polarsteps on iOS does not use GPS functionalities. Therefore tracking at sea is not supported. However, it's on our roadmap and we hope to add this in the future for all iPhone users. We do have a nice little workaround for those PROs who can't wait any longer:

PRO tip

If you have turn-by-turn navigation running in the background of your iOS device, then we're allowed to also use these locations to track your route. In other words, if you have Google maps or any other GPS app open while you are tracking your route, you'll have a very highly detailed route within your Polarsteps trip as well.

Polarsteps at sea for Android users

Yes, if you set your Travel Tracker mode to "High Accuracy" the Travel Tracker does work at sea. You will find more info on the different Travel Tracker modes here: How does the Travel Tracker work.

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