Is it possible to adjust the number and/or size of photos per page in my Travel Book?

The composition and size of photos are automatically decided by our Travel Book generator based on a large number of variables, such as resolution, aspect ratio, number of photos within a step, presence of text within a step, etc. If you don't like the way the Travel Book generator has designed the pages then no worries! You can manually drag and drop photos on the pages and add extra pages or delete pages to further customize the Travel Book to your liking. 

You can change the following things regarding the layout of your Travel Book pages: 

  • The size of individual pictures, by changing the position on the page.
  • The number of photos per page.
  • The number of pages in your Travel Book.
  • Which photos are printed bigger (full page) and which photos are placed in a grid of 2, 3, or 4. 

How do I change the number and/or size of photos on a page?

It's easy! You can manually drag and drop photos in the Travel Book editor. In that way, you can change the order of the photos on the pages, but you can also decide what photos deserve their own full page.

I've placed multiple photos on a page but am left with some empty pages now. What to do?

You can delete an empty page by hitting the red Bin button that is shown on the left side of an empty page. Make sure to press the ''Save & Generate'' button to save your changes!

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