How does step text affect the layout of my book?

Step text takes your travel book from a photo book to a fully formed story. It doesn’t matter if you love to write extensively about your adventures or prefer quick updates about your daily activities, we’re here to give you some tips on the layout of your text. 

  • Want your text to accompany a photo on the page? Then it needs to be kept to a maximum of one column in length. Note: We recommend using a landscape photo to accompany your writing, as portrait photos might be trimmed to fit on the page. And remember, always check the preview to see if you’re happy!
  • If your text is longer than one column in length, it will be a text-only page (see the tip above). Of course, this isn’t a problem, but if your second column is short, then you might find that you are left with quite a lot of white space. If that’s the case, consider adding a couple more anecdotes from the day to fill it up (alternatively, you can also trim the text to under one column so that a photo can be added).
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