How can I create the perfect Travel Book cover?

Your cover is the first thing you and your visitors will see when your book is proudly displayed on the coffee table, so it’s very important to get it right...
  • Pick a landscape photo! Your book will be 29.7 cm wide and 21cm high, so this will guarantee the best fit.
  • Choose a photo without important details in the center (such as faces or landmarks) since this is where the title and year of your trip will be.
    • Note: It’s not possible to change the position of the title and/or year, so you really do want to pick a photo that works with this layout.
  • The year of your trip is added automatically to your cover. To avoid repetition, don’t put the year of your trip in your title.
  • Pick a bright photo! Your cover will eventually be printed with a subtle dark filter. For this reason, we recommend picking a vibrant photo — if you pick a photo that’s already quite dark, the filter will make it look darker, which is probably not what you want. 

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