I have a Polarsteps account: How can I follow someone's travels?

You can follow your friends and family on Polarsteps with and without having a Polarsteps account.

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I have a Polarsteps account: How do I follow someone's travels?

  1. Go to the user's profile

    A traveler has the option to send you the (secret) link of their travel! By clicking on it, you can see the latest updates and whereabouts of the traveler. You can also find a user by entering their name/username in the search tab. However, if the account is set to private, you may not right away see the trip(s) this way and need to follow the user (see step 2).
  2. Hit the "Follow" button (optional)

    By clicking on the "Follow" button on someone's profile you become a follower. Becoming a follower (if approved by the user) allows you to see previously invisible trips. As a registered follower, you can also receive a notification on your phone about the newest updates of the user you follow. However, by only regularly visiting the (secret) link, you can still see all the newest updates.

I've hit the ''Follow'' button, but still can't see the user's trip. What's up?

When a user doesn't have a public profile, then your follow request first has to be accepted, before you can check out his or her travels. Did you click ''Follow'' but are still unable to see the trips of the person you want to follow? Then it's very likely that the person has yet to accept your follow request. Patience is everything.

I don't have a Polarsteps account: How do I follow someone's travels?

It is possible to follow someone on Polarsteps when you don't have a Polarsteps account or the Polarsteps app. 

Click here to learn more about how to follow someone without having a Polarsteps account or app. 

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