I have issues with photo resolution. ⚠️ What to do?

When generating your Travel Book, there are possible warning messages with the ⚠️  symbol that can pop up - luckily you can solve these issues. Here's how:

⚠️  'Resolution of this photo is not optimal for printing'
If you're ok with lower-quality photos, then so are we. We just want the best for you in your Travel Book. So if you do wish to have the highest-quality print experience, please upload a higher resolution photo in your original trip, wherever you see this ⚠️ symbol. Most often these photos have come from shares via WhatsApp or some other social media app, hence the downgraded resolution. 

⚠️  'Original photo not uploaded yet'
The original high-resolution version of this photo has not yet been uploaded to our servers. To do so, just open the Polarsteps app on your phone while connected to a fast and stable internet connection.'

PS: If you use Polarsteps on more than one device, please make sure that the original resolution photo upload on all your devices is complete.

Tip: You can see the progress of the original resolution uploads in the settings menu of the app (see pic below).

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