A pirate flag appeared, what's up with that?

Arrrr pirate! Seeing a pirate flag can have two reasons:

  1. You have been somewhere that we can't find a country name for.  Apparently we were able to get the coordinates of your location but we are unable to retrieve the assigned country name for this location (yet). It could be that after a proper synchronization all is well though! You can manually trigger a synchronization by going into your settings and pressing the "Sync now" button. The blue bar at the bottom of your screen should say ''Synchronization complete''. 
  2. You're on a boat in international waters. So no worries, we don't suspect you of piracy, but you do deserve the pirate flag.

Can I change the pirate flag into a country flag?

You can try to change the pirate flag into a country flag by editing the location of your step. So..

  1. Hit the 'Edit step' button;
  2. Tap on the blue pencil that is shown on the map to edit the location of the step;
  3. Select the location manually on the map (so not with the search feature)
  4. Hit 'Done'.

In some cases, this small hack helps to get rid of that pirate flag. But if you're really a pirate (read: you're in international waters or our location services doesn't have the country name for your location), then that flag will stay.

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