Anonymous accounts on Polarsteps

What is an Anonymous account?

People that were able to create a Polarsteps account without a name or last name will get marked as 'Anonymous'. So, this person may very well be someone you know but just needs a bit more time to finish setting up their Polarsteps account.

How can an Anonymous account have access to my trip that is only visible to my followers?

When your Polarsteps account is set to public, or ‘followers-only’, you can share your ‘Secret Trip link’ with friends and family. This way, they can view your Trip without an account. Yay!

However, do know that when an excited aunt or funny friend shares this link with others, those others will also be able to view your trip and like your Steps.

It could be that one of those 'others' with access to your trip via your Trip link is just someone that has yet to finish setting up their Polarsteps account. Alas, they liked one of your Steps and you receive a confusing notification stating that someone Anonymous just liked your Step in...

Therefore we recommend you to always be thoughtful about who you share your trip link with. Also keep in mind that when you share the link on Facebook anyone who sees the link can open it and share it with others☝️.

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