Information is out of date or incorrect, where can I report that?

We’re constantly updating the content of our guides. However, it could happen that a restaurant closes its doors for the season, and accommodation changes its location or a National Park is no longer open to visitors. We’ll try our hardest to stay up to date with all the different trends and changes so that we can offer you the most epic spots and to make sure you won’t miss out on anything!

If you visited one of the spots in our guides and you notice our information is incorrect, we’d like to hear from you! Although we’re explorers by heart and we’re spending a lot of time researching each and every spot in our guide, experiencing the real deal is obviously the best way to know. 

Did you notice anything in our guides that might be out of date or incorrect? Please let us know at or the feedback button that we offer in our Guides. We’d be nowhere without our community’s input! Thanks a bunch :-)

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