Where can I find my saved spots?

Getting all excited about that cute Airbnb close to the beach that you’d like to book for your upcoming trip? Can’t miss out on the delicious pancakes in that one specific restaurant during your city trip? Want to tell everyone about that amazing hike trail you completed during your travel adventure? We got you!

You can save spots in Guides so that you’ll never forget about that cool hike or lovely restaurant that you want to recommend to your friends and family. 

After selecting a Guide, you can scroll through the different categories and press the ‘save button’ in the top right corner of the spot. Make sure to save as many as possible to not miss out during your trip ;) 

You can find all your saved spots that you've gathered from different Guides in your settings under ‘My saved spots and activities’. If you’d like to delete a saved spot from your list, just press the ‘save button' again and it’ll disappear from your saved spots and activities. It’s that easy! You can also find your saved spots in the specific Guide where you've saved your spots for that destination. If you open the Guide you can find your saved spots under ''My saved spots'':


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