How are Guides made?

Every day, thousands of travelers are exploring the four corners of the earth and sharing the most exciting places they find in the Polarsteps app. Working from our offices in the historical center of Amsterdam, our team of expert Travel Editors searches for the very best of these tips to feature in our travel guides.

Our editors spend their days researching destinations to find the top things to see & do, places to stay and eat & drink. We want to create guides that you can trust, so we always work completely independently and never accept freebies. After extensive research, our editors add their own expert tips to those provided by our community. Through this unique combination of expert advice and real reviews, we aim to take travelers to the core of a destination, from the soul-shaking rhythm of a city like Rio to the unearthly landscapes of a national park such as Yellowstone.

We want to cut through the noise and provide you with the absolute top travel tips, from the must-see attractions in a place to the local hidden gems — without you having to comb through dozens of different websites and apps to find them. We've done the research for you, so you can get to the heart of a destination in a heartbeat. At Polarsteps, we're only just setting out on this incredible new adventure, but we're working hard to add new premium travel guides to our app every month.

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