My followers don't see my latest updates

If your followers don't see your latest updates (e.g. your steps, photos, or route), it is most likely that Polarsteps has not been able to synchronize your data to our servers. This happens sometimes in places with poor or unstable internet connections.

You can manually trigger a synchronization by going into your settings and pressing the "Sync now" button, or by saving a step. If at the end of the synchronization process you see the message "Synchronization successful", all your data is uploaded to our servers and your followers will see the same as what you see in the app.

If synchronization fails, your internet connection is too slow or unstable to upload your data. In this case, we would recommend switching to a faster WiFi or 4G connection.

Side note: Please note that we are constantly working on improving the speed and quality of synchronization. Yet uploading large amounts of photos through slow or instable WiFi connections is a challenge in general, especially as we don't want to reduce the quality of your photos as much as other apps such as Facebook & Instagram do.

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