Is there a way to create and edit a trip together with my friends/family/the love of my life?

At this point, we don't support the use of multiple devices. This means that you can't edit a trip together. When you do use Polarsteps on multiple devices, it will cause synchronization issues (such as some steps only being visible on one device). We hope to start working on this feature soon.

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I did log in to Polarsteps on multiple devices. What can I do now?

If you already logged into multiple devices at the same time, you will probably experience synchronization issues. The solution to fix this is fairly simple. Just log out of the app on both devices with the "log out" button in the settings menu, and then log in on only one device at the same time.

Can I travel together on Polarsteps or tag someone in my trip?

It is not possible to tag a friend in your Polarsteps trip or to share your trip with another Polarsteps user. This feature is written on our ideas list in capital letters though. 'Cause traveling together is double the fun, right?! 

I'm stubborn and do want to edit a trip with more than one person.. Any advice?

If you do want to maintain a trip with two people at the same time then make sure you use one account, and (as mentioned above), always log off from one device before you start using the other! Also only enable the Travel Tracker on one device. Do know that the app can get confused by this. We've warned you ;-). 

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