What does a private account mean?

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What is a private account?

When your account is private, people can only see your trips after you've accepted their follow request. This is super handy when you only want to share certain trips with your followers and not with the entire world (don't forget to select your trip's privacy level: "My followers").

How can I change my account settings to ''private account''?

  1. Go to you the ''Settings'' menu
  2. Scroll down a bit to ''Account type'' > ''Private account''
  3. Switch the toggle to activate your Private account

I have a private account but people can still see my trip. What's up?

When you have a private account but people can still see your trips, several scenarios are possible:

  • The privacy level of your trip is set as ''Public''. The trips with the privacy level ''Public'' are visible to... everyone. Regardless of the fact that your account is set as a private account. If your other trips are only visible for friends then those trips still remain invisible to people who don't follow you.

    Don't want your trips to be visible to be public? Make sure you select the privacy level ''My followers'' for your trips. 
  • People are watching your trip via the secret trip link: everyone who has the Secret Link to your trip can view this trip. These might not only be the people you've shared the Secret Link of your trip with, but also others who've received this link via-via. So only share the Secret Link with people whom you know won't randomly share it with others, or politely ask them not to do so if you don't want them to.