Is my data stored on my phone or on a server?

Once synchronization is successful, all your steps (together with text and pictures) are safely stored on our servers! 

How can I perform this synchronization? 

  1. Drag your profile down and release
  2. The app now synchronizes.. wait patiently
  3. In the bottom of your screen, you will see a green bar pop up that says ''Synchronisation successful''

Do know that we don't upload anything without your permission. For example, if you see suggested steps, none of these steps are uploaded to our servers until you explicitly choose to do so.

What if the synchronization is not completed?

If the synchronization didn't complete then your device probably had an unstable wifi connection. Please try again when this connection is better. 

Side note: Draft steps (available only on Android at this moment) are never uploaded to our servers - they are only locally available on your phone until published. So if you log off from Polarsteps without publishing your draft steps they won't be saved to your account.